Have you ever had difficulty in turning a heavy motorcycle or…
… if you are driving slowly you felt uncertainties “or accidentally just do not turn over” or…
… whether you felt strange in the corners and feared when the bend was tightening or…
… whether you were wondering to brake the front or rear or both brakes????

Questions, thoughts, doubts and uncertainty would probably have been more and if anything of these thoughts
you’ve ever had riding a motorcycle this event is for you.

Together with the Modlin Track managed by Leszek Kuzaj we invite you to a training course of Driving Improvement Techniques.

Date 1 – 26.04.2019, time 10.00-17.00 Join FB event 26.04
Date 2 – 18.05.2019, time 10.00-17.00 Join FB event 18.05

The topics addressed will be:
-Ergonomics on a motorcycle,
-Proper position, hunt
-Observation of the road as a key element of motorcycle driving and defensive attitude
-Steering technique, tilting the motorcycle, position in the bend, counterturn
-Ways to overcome the bend
-Gas handling technology, brake, clutch

The classes are guided by driving techniques improvement instructors of Track Modlin with years of experience in training.

During that day you will go several times on the track, you will be able to consult individually with an instructor several times, to have lunch, snacks and use prepared drinks.

The training may be attended by only a maximum of 15 motorcycles, because it is important that you have the opportunity to get as much knowledge from it as possible. The number of seats is therefore limited and the order of the applications confirmed by the deposit is counted.
Address requests info@jacksmoto.pl.

The cost of training is 570 zł.

You can deposit cash in our Jacks Motorcycle service or by bank transfer to account 13 1090 2851 0000 0001 1019 7891 with a note “DTJ 26.04.2019″ orDTJ 18.05.2019” depending on the date selecion.

Promotion for renting a motorcycle! – 30 %
If you don’t have your motorcycle then you can also participate in the training by renting one of our rental fleet. We will make you a discount of 30%. Write to the address jakub@jacksmoto.pl

Join US!