Are you first time in Spain on a motorcycle? Don’t know where to go? Don’t know the routes?

We will help you solve it.

We organize 6-days motorcycles tours on Harley Davidsons with the guide on pre-arranged routes, which allow you to experience the full charms of that region and at the same time to enjoy the ride on this beautiful motorcycle.


You will experience the joy of riding a Harley along the Costa Blanca coast of Mediterranean Sea, taste the regional cusine specialities and become familiar with the culture of this incredible region.

Price: from 1450€ 

(exact dates – check below)


What youth is used to, age remembers
Next NEW trips in Eaglemoto offer

If your famili doesn’t want to let you go, take them with you.

May weekend is for you in Spain.

There will be nice weather, Harley, pool and beach, nice food and atmosphere. Everybood will be happy.

Price: from 1650€

(exact dates – check below)


Traveling expedition is a perfect opportunity to explore many interesting places offered by east coast of Spain. During 6 days You will experience many unforgettable sights, You will try delicious local cuisine and most importantly – You will have a great time on Harley Davidson!

Price: from 1650€ 

(exact dates – check below)


New offer in 2023. We travel from Alicante to Madrid then to Barcelona and back to Alicante. This trip is a chance to test roads in central part of Spain and taste fantastic Spanish food. During 6 days You will experience many unforgettable sights and most importantly – You will have a great time on Harley Davidson!

Price: from 1650€ 

(exact dates – check below)


New offer in 2023. Check fantastic roads and atmosphere of Canary Islands. We will take you to the best places of Tenerife and you will meet fantastic people.

Check it sitting on a Harley Davidson!

Price: from 2200€ 

(exact dates – check below)


We offer you the next new trip in 2023.
Ibiza is famous for night parties.  Mallorca is known from its paradise beaches and coves. The perfect, azure water color, temperature and views attract crowds of tourists every year. Both islands, however, provide, above all, great motorcycling experiences. Fantastic roads, beautiful views and therefore a sensational experience is guaranteed 🙂

Price from: 2200 €

(exact dates – check below)


Trip dates are:

25.02 – 04.03.2023 – Tenerife and Gran Canaria –  no places

18-25.03.2023 – Costa Blanca – no places

25.03 – 01.04.2023 – Costa Blanca – 1 motorcycle left

15-22.04.2023 – Gibraltar – 5 motorcycles left

22-29.04.2023 – Gibraltar – no places

6 – 13.05.2023 – Family Costa Blanca – 1 motorcycle left

13-20.05.2023 – Madryt – Barcelona – 5 motorcycles left


Trip dates are:

30.09 – 07.10.2023 – Costa Blanca

7-14.10.2023 – IBIZA and MALLORCA – NEW!!!

14-21.10.2023 – Madryt and Barcelona

21-28.10.2023 – Gibraltar

4-11.11.2023 – Gibraltar

11-18.11.2023 – Costa Blanca

18-25.11.2023 – Costa Blanca

2-9.12.2023 – Tenerife and Gran Canaria

9-16.12. 2023 – Tenerife and Gran Canaria

Special offer
  • You don’t have motorcycle driving licence! – You can also go with us. We will deliver you the driver** or you can find the driver by yourself (we may help you with it) and share the costs. ** price of a trip is increased by €500
  • We can prepare „All Inclusive” version. Prices agreed individually.
  • Discounts are available for groups. Contact us for more information.


Individual rent

If you want to ride individually on a Harley in Spain, we invitie you to take advantage of one of the motorcycles available on site in. Just take a plane to Alicante or Valencia. In Calp and La Nucia Harleys are waiting for you for rent. We will give you a hints where to go and tell you about the south of Spain region. Take advantage of the offer and enjoy freedom by riding whatever time of the year.


For trips along the south coast (to Gibraltar/Kadysk) we offer 3* hotels and for the Costa Blanca trips we offer the accommodation in several villas depending on the number of participants (we come back to the same location each day during the Costa Blanca trips). These are villas with swimming pools, most often with sea views. Each house has a large living room, kitchen, several bathrooms and a swimming pool.

Some examples of homes we live in:

Spain Harley Trips Encanto house Calp  Spain Harley Trips Encanto house Calp

Spain Harley Trips House  Spain Harley Trips House

Spain Harley Trips House  Spain Harley Trips House

Price list

– COSTA BLANCA coast trips
Price*: 1450€ (double room)
               1650€ (single room)

                  500€ Passenger

– Family COSTA BLANCA coast trip
Price*: 1450€
each baby/kid

Gibraltar and Madrid/Barcelona trips
Price*: 1650€ (double room)
                1850€ (single room)
                  500€ – Passenger

Tenerife and Gran Canaria trip
Price*: 2200€ (double room)
                2400€ (single room)
                 500 € – Passenger

– Ibiza and Mallorca trip
Price*: 2200€ (double room)
2400€ (single room)
500 € – Passenger

The prices include:
– accommodation (Villa or min 3* hotels in case of other trips)
– Harley motorcycle
– airport transport
– health insurance
– motorcycle guide
– ferries in case of Tenerife/Gran Canaria and Ibiza/Mallorca trips

Price DOES NOT include: flight tickets, board, petrol, tickets to proposed attractions, babysitter other costs exept what is included (check above).


*for all trips deposit (4000 PLN) or full insurance (400€) is required


Above prices can change for autumn trips. It is depended on market situation.



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