We invite you to the event ending the 2023 season in Poland.


Date: 23.09.2023

Time: 18.00

Place: Chata Rybacka, BROK (Binduga resort)


The option of the event / dinner itself costs – 95 PLN / person

The cost of accommodation with breakfast (room for 2 persons) – 90/person.

So if you are for the party and accommodation is the cost of 185 zł / person


The scenario will be like this:

Saturday 23.09 – about 11.00 we go for a ride somewhere near Warsaw and visit the event AMERICAN PICNIC vol.2 By Twin Peaks Harley Davidson (https://fb.me/e/3ch02UgmM)

There are tickets there, but once we have a line-up, I have an appointment for a discount.

We spend there 1-3 hours, depending on the desire and then we go to about 18.00 to the Fisherman’s Cottage in BROK (https://goo.gl/maps/rVzb5jtWX2fZuPpr7) where a bonfire and grill await us and the option of accommodation with breakfast.

Bonfire and Grill of course associated with super muse and dances 😊.

The area around the Bug River valley is extra, so there is where to walk in the morning.


Applications – write to the eagle@eaglemoto.pl or by phone 602 848 661

Payments to the account:

Jakub Izbicki

42 1140 2004 0000 3502 7490 0757

Title: End of season


Number of rooms limited.