Voucher for St. Nicholas Day

If you don’t know what gift to give your partner, buy a Santa Claus voucher from us. This will give you a 10% discount on the service*.

Riding a Harley is one of the many pleasures that you can experience, especially since there are always people in our company who make this ride more enjoyable. On the trip (in Poland or Spain) you will have the opportunity to meet many wonderful people who not only love riding Harley, but are also wonderful, full of energy people. Spending time together is pure pleasure. These acquaintances often turn into a closer acquaintance, which is an additional benefit.

By buying a voucher for your loved one, you will not only give them pleasure, but you will also provide them with many unforgettable experiences that they will consider the best adventure of their life. Guarantee! :-).


In order to purchase a voucher, write an email to eagle@eaglemoto.pl


  • The discount applies to the driver, in the case of an expedition. And in the case of renting a motorcycle, the discount applies to the entire rental period.